Church History: A Crash Course for the Curious

For many, the study of history is a tremendous challenge, especially church history. British author, Christopher Catherwood has written Church History: A Crash Course for the Curious. In this relatively brief work, Catherwood charts the two millennia of Christian history in artful fashion. The author is decidedly reformed in his perspective and he is an unapologetic admirer of his grandfather, D. Martin Lloyd-Jones, who was a well-known evangelical leader in Britain before, during, and following World War II. The book has much to commend it. Catherwood is a good narrative style writer, who has the gift of making history a story in itself. There is one observation which might be helpful to the reader, namely the author’s tendency to repeat himself as he unfolds the story line of history. Personally this was not a distraction, but for some it could well be. As Christopher Catherwood has said in his title, this book is focused on an audience of “curious” readers who want to piece together the story of the Christian movement.

Executive Director of Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions

State Missionary Rick Lance was elected in June of 1998 to serve as executive director of the State Board of Missions and treasurer of the Alabama Baptist Convention. Rick leads state missions efforts and facilitates Great Commission Ministries for the Convention's 3,200+ churches and more than one million Alabama Baptists.

Rick and his wife, Pam, are members at First Baptist Church, Montgomery. They have two daughters.

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