Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied

Rarely do I see a book that has such an eye-catching title as Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied, by Chap Bettis. This book was sent to me by a longtime friend, Ed Massey. Ed was Chap’s pastor when he was growing up in Alabama.
Chap Bettis has done everyone interested in evangelism a favor by writing a book with the more timid among us in mind. The focus of this work on personal evangelism is relational in nature.

The author has rightly concluded that the secular culture has in many ways intimidated Christians into becoming “tongue-tied” about the gospel message.

When Chap Bettis left Alabama as a young man he went to Brown University. Following his graduation he answered the call to ministry and since 1991 has served as the teaching pastor with Lincoln Christian Fellowship in the Northeast. Therefore, Chap knows first-hand the challenge of reaching people who are hard to reach.

This book would be a good resource for ministers and lay people as they share the gospel. It is published by Pleasant Word and may be found in some local Christian bookstores in Alabama.

Executive Director of Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions

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